Meet Mary Rose

Mary Rose has been creating art for over 50 years in Ottawa, Canada. Passionate about art since she was just a child, Mary Rose is a believer that creativity is something you are born with - it chooses you. 

Mary Rose has over 25 years of experience painting children's portraits, but has shifted her focus in the past decade to pets and wild life. She produces artwork in watercolour, acrylics, and charcoal with carefully picked materials of the highest grade quality. 


Mary Rose's style in her own words: 

"I love realism, but not photo-perfect. I aim to have some soul shine through in my subjects.

My favourite subjects are animals - dogs, cats, our earth angels. I also believe children - one look into their eyes and you can see they believe in magic! - and dogs and cats, our earth angels.

I am most inspired by living creatures - big and small; Mozart; and tiny perfect moments."