A quality commitment to top quality materials

Mary Rose is passionate about her craft and the quality all the material she uses to bring her art to life. She uses only the best quality material, and picks out everything for each commission. 
  • Acrylic Paintings: 300 lb. (ie, thick) hot-pressed (ie, smooth surface) Arches (from France); gallery style (1-1/2" edges) Apollon canvas (ready for hanging, no frame necessary).
  • Watercolor Paintings: Apollon canvases, Arches watercolour paper, Golden acrylics, Sennelier watercolour paints.
  • Pencil Drawings: Faber Castell pencils ranging from 2A to 9B (grey scale, very light to very dark), and medium texture Peterboro illustration board.



An idea on pricing and sizing

Please keep in mind that to get a final price and formal quote, you must submit a commission request - as every project is unique in its complexity.  However, you can use these standard sizes and starting prices to have an idea on pricing prior to submitting your request. You may also want to review our Gallery to review previous artwork. 

 Size in Inches Canvas Shape Starting Price
8" x 10"   Rectangular $300 CAD
11" x 14"  Rectangular $350 CAD
16" x 20" Rectangular $400 CAD
9" x 12" Oval $300 CAD
10" (diameter) Circle $300 CAD
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